Our Service

True Health Centers utilizes a unique discipline known as upper cervical specific chiropractic.

This gentle and effective method of chiropractic care focuses on the on the upper neck region because of its intimate relationship to the brainstem, which is the starting point for the entire peripheral nervous system and the gateway to your health. When this area is misaligned, measured in millimeters, it can cause nerve interference that has a global effect on the body. In chiropractic terms, this nerve interference is known as a subluxation, which can go unnoticed. Often times, subluxations are expressed through symptoms and disease, and over time they can have detrimental effects on our health.

We detect and correct the cause of an individual’s health concerns utilizing modern technologies such as 3D x-rays, infrared thermography, and postural analysis. These technologies, coupled with upper cervical specific chiropractic care, take the guess work out of your health. We restore the body’s communication pathway of all nerve interference, allowing you to experience a true sense of health.

Once you’re subluxation free we can start to strategize on improving the other facets of your wellbeing.